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AI Interviewing Platform for Efficient Hiring

Our video interview platform is a data-driven online platform for you to set-up, invite and conduct automatic online interviews easily with a large number of candidates, who can perform the interview anytime anywhere online without any installations. The recorded interview videos are analyzed using our AI technology for their facial, vocal, and textual information. A customizable assessment and competency report is provided for each candidate.

Interviews completed in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Setup of customized interviews and invite your candidates

You can use our suggested questions or your own questions. All branding and engagement features – such as logo, intro video, and color customization are included. You can even add a virtual interviewer to make the interview livelier. Multiple languages can be supported in the interview. Once the interview setup is completed, you can use our simple communication tool to invite all candidates to the interview simultaneously.

Step 2

Step 2 – Candidates take the interview online

Candidates can perform interviews online anytime anywhere on our website. There is a practice section for the candidates to familiarize before the real interview.

Step 3
Step 1

Step 3 – Review of interview results

Interview videos, along with AI-generated scoring of the performance and competencies, is generated for each candidate. You can also review the videos and perform your own scoring on our system. All results can be exported easily or through APIs.

Step 4

Recruitment is time-consuming and not accurate.

This can be fixed!


× Recruiters spend 20% of working hours on face-to-face job interview

× Phone interviews cannot reveal the overall impression and skill of the candidate

× At least 20% HR budget is spent on talent acquisition


 Cut down the first round of interviews with AI solution. Allow HRBP to focus on the final-round decision

 AI generates competency report increases unbiased and good quality hire.

 Full scope psychometric report on competencies like emotional intelligence, leadership, learning agility etc


Why Neufast?

Interview bot conducts structured behaviourial interviews

Algorithm analyzes interview performance

Recruiters customize competency model with specific  weightings for behavioural competencies

Statistical analysis for benchmarking candidates

Recruiter CMS for interview scheduling by emails and SMS

Leading Companies Trust Neufast

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