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Hire with confidence by multi-lingual
virtual recruiter powered by de-biased AI

We empower enterprises with multi-lingual virtual recruiter to achieve 91% reliability of person-job fit at a fraction of recruitment budget. The integrated solution with SAP SuccessFactors provides individual competency assessment reports for download with 27 competencies based on I/O Psychology. This solution was incubated and/or funded by SAP.iO, SAP’s strategic business unit that invests in and accelerates startup innovation.

Solution Types

Extensions and Add-ons

Works with

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Benefits and Features


Make smart hiring decisions with 91% person-job fit

You can now make hiring decision faster and fairer by leveraging on de-biased artificial intelligence and data-driven talent assessment reports. Candidate interview videos, scoring, and ranking results are available in SAP SuccessFactors after candidates completed Neufast one-way AI video interview.

Hire faster to achieve 80% cost savings

You can now save up to 80% of recruitment costs by replacing phone and live video interviews with multi-lingual AI virtual recruiters for running evidence-based, structured competency; our candidates love the flexibility and convenience with 70-90% video interview completion rate.

Deploy quickly with SAP pre-integration

The solution comes with out-of-the-box integration with SAP SuccessFactors, with seamless data logging of your talent selection process for quality control and enterprise data protection.

Improve candidate hiring experience by 70%

Manage your high volume hiring including RPO for high turnover industries, and seasonal hiring including Graduate Trainee programmes with our scalable solution with hundreds of concurrent candidates completing their video interviews instantly.

Scale your recruitment across countries

You can set the job video interview in a combination of 10+ languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malay, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Khmers (German, French and Spanish are coming soon) for scaling cross-border business operations.


Create structured competency interviews in 10 minutes

With a few clicks, HR professionals can move along the recruitment process quickly by using de-biased AI candidate competency scoring and ranking available in SAP SuccessFactors.

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Leverage multi-lingual virtual recruiters to automate your video interviews

Candidates can enjoy the flexibility of taking job interviews anywhere, anytime using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and our iPhone app which is free for download from Apple Store.


Trust Science not gut feelings with 91% reliability

The competency model is developed by registered Industrial and Organizational Psychologists with validated 0.3-0.7 positive correlation at component level vs. HR ratings with 0.911 of reliability.


Build your workplace with 87% F1 accuracy of de-biased AI

The auto-scoring of job competencies based on the proprietary natural language processing model achieves 87% F1 classification accuracy validated with 30,000 candidate interview videos.

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Plans and Pricing

All Plans include

 ✓ Unlimited Recruiter Accounts per Enterprise

 ✓ Monthly subscription is available for seasonal hiring peaks

 ✓ Free switching between different pricing plans

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Free user trial

 ✓ Additional 20 quotas can be purchased at USD 100 for user

     trial purpose

 ✓ Includes 20 Users

  •  14 Day max. contract duration

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Monthly subscription

 ✓ Support up to 50 video interview assessments

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Enterprise Edition with Unlimited Use

 ✓ Annual subscription with unlimited video assessments

 ✓ Includes 10000 Users


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