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SAP® SuccessFactors®: The Best Integration

Neufast partners with industry-leading SAP® SuccessFactors® to provide a single-login recruiting productized integration.


Our integration optimizes recruitment efficiency by helping companies conduct initial screening with video interviews powered by Neufast's proprietary patent-pending de-biased AI, leaving HR to focus on other strategic business decisions.


This not only lowers recruitment cost by 80%, but also builds a forward-looking and tech-savvy corporate branding with highly engaging candidate recruitment experience in multiple languages.

With This Integration, You Enjoy:

  • Faster Hire - Automatic hiring removes the need to invite candidates and conduct screening interviews manually so that time-to-hire is reduced by 50%

  • Better Job-Fit - Finding the right candidates with the right competencies and interview performance allows better job-fit and higher retention.

  • Scalable - The highly scalable interview system can easily cater for new hiring campaigns or seasonal fluctuation of job postings and candidate applications

  • Multiple language support - Offer over 10 languages in cross-boarder remote hiring

Our Comprehensive Program Also Offers:

  • Customized Service - Neufast offers simple but customizable design of the video recording system that suit an organization's own recruitment needs and branding.

  • Engaging Experience - Interviewing online allows user to perform interview anytime and anywhere with simulated interviewers.

  • End-to-end view of the entire application process - After the candidate completes the AI video interview, the selection process is automated without leaving the SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting system

Partner with Us, Expand Your Reach

We have established an ecosystem of satisfied partners with a number of companies based on our customer-centric approach and an excellent after-sales service.

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