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Future of recruiment

With Neufast's leading AI scoring system, every company can find the right employee faster and more accurately.


In the wave of Covid-19 and the rise of the virtual world metaverse, Video Interview will become the mainstream recruitment method. At present, many HR (human resources consultants) and headhunters use Video Interview to conduct the first stage of screening interview to select talents from a large number of candidates. Video Interview can save HR screening time. According to a survey, about one-third of HR executives around the world have included the Video Interview system in their operational procedures. The Neufast video interviewing system is used to increase recruitment efficiency.


Video interviewing is good for business management


In recent years, many HR consultants have chosen the video interviewing method for recruitment. In the future, it will bring a lot of benefits to HR (human resource management) and even the whole development plan of the company, for example:

Reduce time cost


Many interviewers have encountered late arrival or disappearance of job seekers, leaving the interviewers unsure of how long they need to wait and wasting valuable interviewing time. Take Neufast's video interviewing AI platform as an example, our pre-recorded "humanless video interview" can avoid the above problems. It eliminates the need for HR or interviewers to be physically present at the first stage of the screening process, and eliminates the need to prepare for complicated interview procedures, such as working with departments, finalizing interview schedules, screening resumes, and reserving meeting rooms, so that supervisors can make good use of their time to handle other tasks, thereby improving work efficiency.


According to a study, the use of video-recorded interviews can reduce the time spent on the entire interview process by at least 40%. "Time is money", so many industry giants have been using video-recorded interviews for the first round of screening in recent years.

Easy to set up effective interview questions


Our database of nearly 100 pre-set questions covers a wide range of areas, from general interview questions to soft skills, and you can also customize in-depth questions related to your industry. The entire interview setup process is quick and easy, making it ideal for time-sensitive hiring processes, eliminating unfocused and perfunctory questions, giving you insight into the candidate and predicting future job behavior and performance. Our intelligent scoring system provides a fair score for different interview questions to test the suitability of the applicant for the job.

Create a more accurate and fairer recruitment environment


Interviewer bias is hard to avoid, as long as people have bias, but you don't want to screen out talent because of human bias. That's why our mission is to provide you with accurate hiring without bias. We ensure that our scores are always valid, reliable and fair through deep scientific multi-layered AI models. We use big data vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing technologies to extract candidates' episodic, rhythmic, and semantic features from their videos. Our AI model further analyzes these features in a comprehensive manner through a sophisticated task-oriented adaptive weighting scheme to infer candidate impression scores and job performance scores. Each scoring criterion is clearly defined to ensure fair and consistent hiring.

Optimize recruitment efficiency


In traditional recruitment interviews, both parties need to agree on a specific time for face-to-face interviews, so it is impossible for the interviewer to interview more than one applicant at the same time, unless multiple interviewers are interviewing in small groups. However, by using pre-recorded video interviews, we can avoid the limitation of time, place and number of people. When the traditional recruitment process is upgraded to video interviewing, the number of people HR can interview daily can be increased from eight to ten at most to dozens, which is a significant improvement in recruitment efficiency.

More attractive to Gen Z talent


Generation Z refers to those born between the late 1990s and early 2010s, and can be referred to as "millennials". They have been exposed to the Internet and electronic information technology products since childhood, and are basically a group of people who grew up with high technology. Therefore, the use of video interviewing artificial intelligence platform is very much in line with the habits of this group of "Digital Generation Z", which is a win-win situation for both recruiters and job seekers. It is one of the ideal companies for young talents.

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