Video Interview Guide: Tips for a Successful Interview

Environmental settings
Personal preparation

Under the haze of the Covid-19 epidemic and the wave of the metaverse, the real-world virtualization revolution is unstoppable. As information technology becomes more and more advanced, the Video interview mode will become more and more popular. At present, Video interview is mainly divided into two forms: pre-recorded interview and real-time interview. Pre-recorded interview, which is a product of Neufast, is an interview recruitment platform with AI function. Interviewers usually schedule a time with job seekers to conduct a live video interview through a web-based communication program.


No matter what type of video interview is used, the preparation for the interview is similar to that of a live interview. According to JobsDB's "2020 College Employment Survey", 60% of working college graduates have used video interviews during their last six months of employment. The results also show that more than half of recent graduates are reluctant to conduct interviews in video format, believing that the interaction in video interviews is not as good as face-to-face contact, and their biggest concerns include not being able to fully utilize their personal characteristics, difficulty in seeing the micro-expressions of the interviewer, and technical issues such as the need to constantly be distracted by the internet connection, which affects the smoothness of the interview. If you are still struggling with the video interview, let us introduce you to Neufast's video interviewing tips and tricks.

Environmental settings

Choose a quiet and clean place and use a virtual background if necessary


When conducting a video interview, find a quiet, uninterrupted area because noisy noises will affect the radio performance of the video interview. In addition, choose a place that feels clean and uncluttered as a backdrop, without too much decoration, to avoid distracting the interviewer.


If you can't find a suitable location, you can use the virtual background function in some software to choose a clean background so that the interviewer can concentrate on the interview.


Finally, if you are taking a video interview supported by our Neufast technology, you don't have to worry about distracting the interviewer because our artificial intelligence system only scores the interviewer's performance, ensuring that each interviewer is assessed fairly and impartially.

Make sure the interview environment is well-lit and the face is clearly visible


It is important to have adequate lighting for the visual interview. Both the interviewer and Neufast's artificial intelligence assessment system need to see a live image to assist in the scoring process, so choose a well-lit area or set up some fill-in lights.

Adjusting the phone and other alarm devices to silent mode


When conducting a video interview, be sure to set your phone or other alarm device to silent mode to avoid sudden Whatsapp or caller alert sounds during the interview. During the interview, try not to make any sounds other than your voice and the other person's voice, such as the sound of a TV or a family member talking. Remind your family before the interview to make sure they cooperate with you and remain quiet during the interview. Try using Zoom, Skype or other software to configure your headset before the interview.

Make sure the software and hardware are available and working properly


Nowadays, many companies use Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams to conduct video interviews. When you receive the notification of the video interview, you will know which software will be used on the day of the interview. Before the interview, job seekers should try out the relevant program to ensure that the device used has sufficient power and the camera and speakers are working properly in the software. If you are using the Neufast platform for your interview, you can download it from the Apple store and use the link attached to your email to login to the interview platform. It is also recommended to use wired headphones to avoid wireless headphones running out of power or being blocked. You should also make sure that you are in a place with a stable network and choose to connect to an Internet connection or private Wi-Fi to ensure that you do not make any mistakes on the interview day.

Place documents such as education, resume, and proof of employment in an easily accessible location


Generally speaking, the recruiter will ask the interviewer to bring original or photocopies of documents such as education, resume, and proof of employment to prove his or her education and work experience. During normal times, interviewees are required to go to a designated place for the interview, and most of them are prepared to bring the required documents to the interview site before leaving. However, during the video interview, many interviewees forget to prepare the required documents because they do not have to go out in advance to prepare for the interview.


Therefore, when faced with a video interview, the interviewer can take the time to prepare the relevant documents on the video interview equipment and put them in the same folder so that they are ready to be viewed by the employer and himself during the interview. If possible, the interviewer can also print out the documents and place them in a conspicuous place where he or she can easily view the information and answer the employer's questions.

Personal preparation

Dress appropriately, never wear only half of the interview outfit


In a typical face-to-face interview, people pay close attention to their interview attire in order to leave a good impression on the interviewer. However, when conducting a video interview at home, many people will take it lightly and neglect to dress up, thus affecting their interview performance. Some people may think that the computer or mobile phone camera only captures the upper half of the body during the video interview, so they only wear the upper half of the suit and wear inappropriate clothing on the lower half of body. When you are suddenly asked to stand up or have to stand up unexpectedly, it will be an embarrassing situation. To avoid this, it is important to dress professionally to remind yourself that you are interviewing, to keep your spirits up, to give a good impression to the other person, and to raise your confidence. Finally, even if you are having a video interview, it is important to wear a full outfit and keep your face looking clean, not just your upper body.

Please keep eye contact


Even if the video interview is not a face-to-face interview, it may seem that eye contact is not required because the interview is done through a computer screen. However, the interviewer can feel it through the screen, so you need to remain professional during the video interview, use appropriate body language, show confidence, keep smiling, and keep eye contact with the interviewer and leave a good impression. Even on our Neufast video interview platform, there is no interviewer on the same screen, so please keep in touch with the camera because our scoring system also scores based on facial expressions, so no matter what the video interview is, it is important to have appropriate facial language.

Visual interview also has body language


Find a suitable chair, sit up straight, don't hang your head on the chair because it looks lazy. Pull out the chair, sit on the edge of the chair with your feet on the floor, put your hands on the table and sit up straight will also naturally give you more energy and help you convey your excitement about your work.



No matter what the interview is, punctuality is the essence. No matter how fast the Internet world connects everyone, please don't log in at the last second. You won't know if an accident will happen and you won't be able to prepare for the interview. If time permits, please prepare early, 15 minutes before the scheduled time. When you are ready, you can send a text message or email to the other party to show that you are ready for the video interview, so that the other party can see your sincerity and know that you are a responsible person. Finally, if you are interviewing on our Neufast video interview platform, please remember to reserve enough time for the interview, not at the last hour of the time limit, to avoid accidents and missing the interview.

Free practice with Neucareers


How do you prepare for the interview before the interview? First, you can sign up for a free NeuCareers analysis of the job description. NeuCareers uses the job description to generate job competency interview questions, and you can conduct a video mock interview anytime, anywhere, and share your mock video interview with your university's student career development office or with teachers and friends for feedback.


When you're ready, you can log on to the Neufast job seeker login and provide concrete, real-world examples of your job-ready competencies in a concise and quantifiable way, such as a Situation, Task, Action, and Result that illustrate your specific work and contribution to the business. Neufast uses a natural language processing deep learning model to automatically score your answers based on the definition of the performance ternary model.


After watching the Neufast video interview tips and tricks, I believe you have mastered how to provide concrete and practical examples of past work achievements to prove that you have the required competencies for the job. Good luck in finding your dream job!

Record own performance, repeatedly practice in front of the camera


Many people have a "camera phobia", in which they feel afraid and uncomfortable when the camera is in front of them, thus affecting their interview performance. If the situation is very serious, first set up your cell phone or computer without recording and place it next to you naturally, then practice your interview answers, like talking to a mirror, until you get used to it and then turn on the recording function to record your performance. In addition, if you are still afraid, you can talk about your interests or expertise, or even your daily routine, so you will be more comfortable to share what you are good at. Finally, you can find a friend to practice with you or visit the NeuCareers platform to practice.