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Carlsberg: Leverages Neufast for Management Trainee and Junior Professional Role Recruitment

About Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg Group is a Danish multinational brewer founded in 1847. The company is the top 4 brewer employing around 41,000 people primarily in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Carlsberg started to export beer to China in 1876. The company markets and distributes its flagship Carlsberg brand together with best-selling beer and cider brands (including third-party brands) include Kronenbourg 1664, HK YAU, Somersby, Jolly Shandy, SKOL, Asahi and Guinness.



Carlsberg operates across 8 markets in Asia including China, India,

Singapore, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

The company has a wide range of job openings across the markets

in Asia such as management trainee programs, on-trade, and

off-trade business development, and other business functions.

The in-person recruitment process was not possible during

the COVID-19 pandemic with social distancing measures

Hundreds of local and overseas candidates were required to be

screened with limited recruiting resources.



Neufast's differentiated offerings helped Carlsberg in the following


Neufast offered Carlsberg a highly scalable, automated oneway video interviewing cloud in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and other Asian languages for their wide range of job openings across APAC.

The solution included automated competency assessment of leadership, customer obsession, teamwork, effective communication, etc. based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology.

Neufast's competency scoring passes the four-fifths rule of measuring adverse impact with no adverse effect on gender for top scorers.

The platform provided job applicants complete accessibility by using PCs, laptops, Android & iPhone mobile phones.



The implementation of the Neufast benefited Carlsberg in the following ways:

  • Significant reduction of the recruitment process by shortening interview time with the sharing functionalities of candidate videos and score sheets with line managers.

  • Reliable rating system with customization of selection criteria, comprehensive evaluation while minimizing interview biases.



“We are very happy and satisfied with the performance of this online platform. We are purchasing Neufast interview quotas for our hiring in Asia. ”




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