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Case study with garment manufacturing industry

Crystal International Group Limited (HK.2232) operates around 20 self-operating manufacturing facilities spanning across five countries. With a workforce of 80,000, Crystal Group delivers over 470 million pieces of apparel a year to the best-in-class apparel brands in the world, offering the right product at the right time at the right cost. The broad range of apparel products includes lifestyle wear, denim, intimate, sweaters, sportswear and outdoor apparel.



Aims to hire 260 applicants for 3 Business Units including Knits Division, Denim and Intimate. The 3 Associate Programme positions including production, business and technical Associates.



  • Neufast’s AI video interview platform is a reliable assessment tool for garment manufacturing clients to predict candidates’ future work performance.



  • 70% reduction of cost-per-hire for overseas remote hiring with 300+ hours saved



“We have been using Neufast online video interview platform and color blindness online test for our recruitment in Malaysia and the UK since 2020. The Neufast team has been of tremendous help for our People Development team with the intelligent candidate screening cloud!”


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