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Case study with Procruit C programme

About Procruit C programme

PROcruit C is a one-year professional traineeship programme. It offers first-time jobseekers an opportunity to innovate and create social good at workplace and contribute to the community’s recovery and resilience. 400 jobs created for fresh graduates.



There are 150+ companies in difference sectors aims to hire recent graduates with strong passion in innovative human-centric services and professions from plenty of applications. Sifting through the applications had been a big challenge, and the sheer quantity of applications meant that the recruitment process required a lot of time and effort to run smoothly.



  • Neufast’s AI video interview platform is a reliable assessment tool for difference sectors of clients to predict candidates’ future work performance.



  • 1,200+ applicants in 12 types of job

  • All candidates completed video interviews within a month

  • Competencies: 13 based on client’s specific competency model mapped by Neufast Consulting I/O Psychology, RIOP(HKPS)

  • Quality assurance: Datafarm ROI: 3x


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