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Case study with F&B industry

About F&B client

McDonald’s ® is one of the world’s most renowned leading brands in quick service restaurant industry with over 15,000 staff in Hong Kong, McTalent Program aims on developing the trainees’ functional competence, strengthening their professional skills, and providing opportunities to gain all-round exposure, including cross-departmental attachment training, external training courses and on-the-job coaching.



Aims to hire recent graduates with strong passion in restaurant operations from plenty of applications. Sifting through the applications had been a big challenge, and the sheer quantity of applications meant that the recruitment process required a lot of time and effort to run smoothly.



  • Neufast’s AI video interview platform is a reliable assessment tool for F&B clients to predict candidates’ future work performance.

  • Neufast AI video interview platform helps to identify the future leaders to be successful Regional General Managers (RGM) within 5 years of joining to manage over 200M annual sales leading 350 staffs in 7-9 restaurants.



Our competency model highly aligned with our client’s selection criteria and choose the most suitable candidate for our client.

Correlation analysis

  • To measure the correlation of score items between Neufast and F&B client’s Human Resources Department

  • The variables from F&B client’s internal rating (HR) are positively correlated (R = 0.772) to Neufast’s auto scores (“Auto Score”)

Reliability analysis

  • To measure the reliability of the selection process

  • Reliability are high for both scales with overall Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.911.


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